Nothing like hearing a little bump in the night -- especially this time of year. If I had the nerve, and I do not, I'd love to stay at a haunted hotel. But I'm too chicken. Instead of me going and checking these places out, I did the research for you so that you could go in my place.

I found haunted hotels in Texas that would be worth a night's stay -- if you're looking for a potential ghostly experience.

Hotel Lawrence, Dallas, Texas

The Hotel Lawrence at 302 S. Houston Street in Dallas, was an old style European hotel built back in 1925. Recently, it's been renovated and it is now a La Quinta Inn and Suites. But just because the name has changed doesn't change the fact that it was haunted. There are stories throughout the years of at least three ghosts where all had supposedly died in different situations -- all on the 10th floor. Might be interesting to have a little chat with some of the hotel staff and see if there is still some ghostly activity going on.

The Stockyard Hotel


Located at 109 E. Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, Texas  (817) 625-6427.

Established in 1907. The Stockyard Hotel has had multiple reports of a little girl getting off the elevator and then disappearing after she takes a few steps.

According to Strange State: A night clerk kept getting prank calls one night. The phone would ring and no one would be on the line when he answered. After several of these calls, he looked at the phone and noticed the call was coming from the lobby. He leaned over to catch a glimpse of the lobby phone when the mysterious caller rang again. Once again, no one was on the line. But more to the point--no one was in the lobby.

The Excelsior House Hotel

I'm leaving the best for last. I've been in this hotel but I've never actually stayed the night. I will say that when you walk in the hotel you know there is something going on. It's an old but beautiful hotel and history just seeps through the walls.


Located in Jefferson, Texas  (903) 665-2513.

The oldest hotel in East Texas, The Excelsior opened in the 1850s. Famous guests like  Ulysses S. Grant, Oscar Wilde, Rutherford B. Hayes and Lady Bird Johnson have stayed in this hotel. Another famous person was Steven Spielberg, although he didn't stay the night. According to a story on

Spielberg was in Jefferson during the 1970s, filming his movie Sugarland Express. He told columnist John Anders of the Dallas Morning News, “We dragged ourselves upstairs after a rough day. I swear my room was haunted. I made everyone wake up, pack up, and get back in the cars at about two o’clock in the morning. We had to drive 20 miles to the nearest Holiday Inn, and everybody was hot at me. I should add that I am not normally superstitious.” Spielberg was staying upstairs in the east wing of the Excelsior in the Gould Room. It’s interesting to note that after his experience with the ghost in the Gould Room he wrote the screenplay for his classic movie, Poltergeist.

Let me know if you've ever stayed at a haunted hotel. Email me at because I'd love to hear about it.