The FBI has released previously classified documents to it's 'vault' for public viewing.

The files reference such things as flying saucers and humanoid bodies. One file is even labeled 'Roswell' and discusses a disc shaped object suspended from a balloon. If you remember the Roswell reports, it was initially confirmed as a UFO crash, and later the government said it was a weather balloon. So the detail in this newly released paper sort of references both.

The 2,000 declassified documents are contained in a searchable database on the FBI website. The call it 'The Vault' and it is indeed fascinating to peruse these new files. The database is easy to navigate and the files pull up as PDFs of the original documents. I had a good time looking through the UFO reports, and was surprised how easy it was to check out all the info. If you want to kill some time and be entertained, check it out here at