Star of The Nanny says in an interview with the Huffington Post that she was abducted by aliens. Not only that, so was her ex-husband and that’s why they met.

Ok, I like Fran Drescher (not her laugh though) but she’s taken a risk here in saying publicly that she was once abducted by aliens and implanted with a chip. She claims this happened when she was a teenager driving down the road with her dad. She also claims that her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson was also abducted around the same age and it’s their mutual experience that allowed them to meet.

She claims they have the exact same story about their experience and even have a scar in the same place. She says the scar is where the chip was implanted, he says hers is a scar from a drill bit or other accident from her childhood.

Now I’ve said once before that I don’t think we are the only beings in the Universe, but was she abducted by aliens? That I can’t answer. I do know that if you watch the movie The Fourth Kind it will leave you with more questions than answers. Maybe she was abducted I wouldn’t call her completely crazy though.

This is a clip from the movie The Fourth Kind, which is based on a true story and even contains real footage from the study. It will make the hair on your arms stand up.

Do you believe in aliens and abductions?