It looks like we're one step closer to getting a 'Frozen' musical.

There have already been rumors that a 'Frozen' musical is coming to Broadway, and now Disney Theatrical executive Thomas Schumacher has told the Hollywood Reporter that he's putting the wheels in motion.

"I'm already talking to directors, and I have a design concept, and we have to begin to fashion this idea," he revealed. "It doesn't need to be fast. It needs to be great."

And great it will be, considering the magnitude of Disney's other musicals ('The Lion King,' 'Aladdin' and more) -- and the fact that it's, well, 'Frozen'.

"There's something purely theatrical about the relationship between these two women [Elsa and Anna]," Schumacher said. "You can see it." Indeed you can.

'Frozen' fans and PopCrushers, what do you think of a 'Frozen' musical? Will you see it when it hits Broadway?

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