One thing about those of us who live in the Abilene area is that we know how to make fun of and laugh at ourselves. That goes right down to how we view the very city we live in.

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Now, just because I say that doesn't give outsiders the permission to make fun of us. That's just downright wrong. Is that hypocritical? Of course, it is, but that alone is one of the things that defines Abilene. Lots of hypocrisy. But we're not here to talk about the negative side of Abilene, we're here to have fun with it.

So, I compiled a little list of reasons you know you're from Abilene. These could easily be on a bumper sticker, t-shirt, or even printed on the wrappers that Allsup's burritos come in.

LOOK: Reasons You Know You're From Abilene

Many of these examples were inspired by a Facebook post of the same concept. Some of the others include:

  • When you are excited to drive out of your way to visit the new gas station in town. - Greg Crone
  • When you spit on the road and it floods.- Jodi Buck
  • When you visit and drive down South 1st and remember how cool Crystals Pizza was and still to this day wish you could have one more taste of Harold’s BBQ! - Kensey Allen
  • When you wish you could go to Gardski’s Loft just one more time. - John Shepard
  • You say “I’m getting out of this town”… for like the past 15 years. - Jesse Pedroza
  • If you know where the 4way , down the hill, impact and the hood is. And what the difference is in each area. - Ann Hudson Fisher
  • If you still get hyped up for the cross town show down every year. - Melissa Morris

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