A cruel high school prank backfires and turns into the most heart warming story. Proof that there are still good people in the world, especially teenagers. A Grand Prairie High School homecoming was on the horizon when a group of 'mean girls' told a student she had been nominated to the homecoming court, meaning she had a shot at becoming the homecoming queen. However, this was not correct, she had not been nominated; but her best friends had been. That's when this cruel story takes a turn for the better.

The two best friends learned of the prank on their friend and vowed that if either of them won the crown they would pass it the title on to their friend; in front of the whole school.

Just before the half-time presentation the two girls tell their principal of their plan. He, then escorts the girl to the field under the guise of helping her take photos of the ceremony. That's when they pass the crown to her and name her Homecoming Queen 2014!

We need more kids like this; willing to take a stand and do the right thing!

Grand Prairie Homecoming Queen Shares Her Crown


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