So you and your girlfriend have made plans to go to the Super Bowl, not a cheap date, then you find out you have cancer. You would expect that your girlfriend would console you, be there for you and help you through this hard process. But, she doesn’t, she bolts. Now you have cancer and NO girlfriend. However, you do still have those Superbowl tickets…..or do you?

Jason Elia is a television writer from Tennessee. He and his girlfriend had been dating for about 5 months. He had bought a pair of tickets to the Super Bowl back in November, about an $8000 value, so they could attend the big game and he could propose. Not long after buying the tickets he found out he had bladder cancer. When the girlfriend found out she dumped him. BUT she still wants the tickets.

However, Jason decided he would hold a contest on Twitter to give the tickets away. He planned on giving the tickets to the person who could get him the most followers on the site.

His girlfriend is wanting the tickets, because he intended them for her. (I think he intended them for BOTH of them and for her to still be with him in sickness or health)

Her story seems a bit different. She says she hardly knows him and he’s made the whole story up. He’s refuting that by saying the woman that has come forward is not the woman he was “dating” or referring too and still refuses to name her.

On the bright side Jason has an 87% chance of survival. If he really does have cancer. If it is all a hoax his survival rate might be a little lower.

So what are you thinking? Is he doing this for attention or do you believe the story?