Everyone is playing Pokemon Go. Well, almost everyone. In the past two weeks, this game has become such a big craze. People are getting outside. People are meeting other people. People are getting exercise. Exercise? Oh, wait. Not so fast. You knew that someone would find a way to cheat a little right? Couch potatoes listen up!

Someone has found a way to get around some of that nasty little thing they call "walking." It all centers around the fact that to hatch Pokemon Go eggs you need to walk 2 to 10 km. Yes, you can hatch or at least get closer to hatching those eggs without even walking. The video below shows a way to play the game and still be a couch potato. I've also heard that people are taping their phones to a ceiling fan blade and getting some great results as well. I mean really, this exercise thing can only last for so long. Right?