In honor of his first time hosting 'Saturday Night Live' since 1989, Woody Harrelson couldn't resist performing his own rendition of Taylor Swift's latest '1989' single, 'Blank Space' -- with a few special guests.

Harrelson's hilarious version of 'Blank Space' involved the Berlin Wall, Cher's 'Turn Back Time,' an ode to 'Cheers' and even one uproarious hazy nod to drugs ("but I got a blank space baby, 'cause I used to do cocaine"). But Haymitch Harrelson's 'Blank Space' got even better once he was joined by his fellow 'Hunger Games' co-stars Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence (whom he proclaimed was "the real Taylor Swift!")

Even when Hutcherson shocked his on-screen mentor when he revealed that he and Hemsworth weren't actually alive in 1989 -- and J. Law accidentally (but totally endearingly) flubbed her lines -- the whole parody was total comedic gold. Seriously, this one is a must-watch for anyone who loves 'The Hunger Games,' Taylor Swift, or just anything remotely hilarious. Check it!

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