I best remember Jeff Conaway as Kenickie from Grease but he was also on the huge TV hit Taxi. He played some great characters but his life has recently hit some bumps.Jeff most recently was featured on the reality series Celebrity Rehab. He has battled his demons for some time now, both alcohol and drugs. On May 11th he was found unconscious in his home and rushed to the hospital where he has remained in a coma since. The 60 year old is thought to have overdosed on prescription drugs which led to the coma. His family had been at his side but have now decided to end life support due to his lack of brain function. A feeding tube has already been removed and the ventilator which was keeping him alive will be removed. His doctors say he is in no pain.

This is an interview with Jeff by Scott Stewart from just a couple of weeks ago. As you will see, he doesn't look like he's at the top of his game.

Good-bye Kenickie!!!