J Sutta is no coy coquette—she knows exactly what she wants, and says exactly what she means.

The crystal-voiced singer, who dropped her debut album I Say Yes on March 3, makes her intentions clear in the video for her sensual R&B pop single "Feel Like Making Love," premiering exclusively on PopCrush.

In the hazy, mood-drenched clip, the former Pussycat Doll writhes atop a luxurious bed in lingerie as she makes an offer her spurned lover/ex (probably) can't refuse: "Maybe you can't get past how bad I hurt you / Maybe you finally found your peace / But if you ever feel like making love / Don't you hesitate to call me up..."

Even if he doesn't want to make up, she won't change her number. (She's thoughtful like that!)

"'Feel Like Making Love' is about that part of a relationship where your egos have driven you apart but for no real good reason," Sutta tells us of the sexy, sparkling bedroom jam.

"You still want to be with one another but may have said or done things in the heat of the moment to hurt each other out of fear of being hurt yourself. The song is like a sexual olive branch: On the surface it is reminding your partner of the chemistry you shared and offering a rekindling of that feeling with seemingly no strings attached, but secretly you hope for more than that," she explains.

"It is a very sexual song but veils a sweet vulnerability," Sutta adds. "The lure of lust in the longing of love. I really felt and experienced every lyric when singing it. I think people can relate to being in this situation. It can be taken as a booty call with some depth to it. I guess every booty call has some layered depth to it if you analyze it thoroughly enough!"

Watch the video, below:

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