Not since Jimmy Fallon climbed trees dressed like Robert Pattinson to complain about things that bothered him has a 'Late Night' sketch been this good.

Last night (Feb. 4), Fallon threw on a wig and a British accent to perform the bit 'Russell Brand Reads Star,' in which Fallon does a pretty spot-on impersonation of the flouncy Englishman reading Star magazine.

All you need is an accent, a curly black wig and some tight clothing, plus the mannerisms of Jack Sparrow -- and you've pretty much got it.

No one is immune from pseudo-Brand's mocking. From Justin Bieber being the love child of Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer to Rihanna and Chris Brown's doomed romance, no celeb is safe from Fallon-as-Brand's insults.

The host is eventually interrupted from yelling ridiculous British sayings like “lovely jubbly” when the real Russell Brand arrives to help end the skit with some less than gentle molestation and accusations that everything Fallon is doing is a “hate crime.”

Codswallop! Bob's your uncle! Other British things!