John Fogerty has treated fans to entire Creedence Clearwater Revival albums front to back in recent concert appearances, and says he will probably do more. Currently, three shows are confirmed for the full album treatment. Fogerty's concerts in New York on November 17th and 18th will feature 'Cosmos Factory' and 'Green River'. Then in Atlantic City on November 20th he'll perform 'Cosmos Factory' in its entirety.

He indicated that 'Green River' is a pick because it's his favorite Creedence effort, and 'Cosmos' fits the bill because it has the most familiarity with fans. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Fogerty says the concept makes sense because, 'In those days, an album was just 30 or 40 minutes. My shows are closer to two hours, so we end up doing a lot of other things. So, I think we're going to do more of these shows.' (via

Check out a great performance from 2007 at Glastonbury of 'Lodi':