John Mayer began his rise to fame in 2001 with the release of his first album, now he has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide. We take a look at where he came from and what it took to get him where he is now with this spotlight.

The Connecticut born John Mayer, attended Berklee School of Music in Boston but it wasn't until his move to Atlanta, Georgia in 1997 that he gained a following. Just 4 years later is first album was released in 2001. Two years later his second album was released and he won his first Grammy. That's a pretty good jump in just 6 years time.

His music borders on rock, AC and blues. He became interested in music in his early teens. In fact, the story goes that he watched the Marty McFly guitar scene in the movie Back to the Future and decided he wanted to play. When he turned 13 his dad bought him is first guitar. He practiced and took lessons for two years and then began playing venues and bars while still in high school.

Mayer then decided to attend college at Berklee but for only 2 semesters before moving to Atlanta with a college buddy. In 2000 he played at South by Southwest and was noticed by a small label who signed him and released his album via internet. He was then picked up by Columbia Records and the album was re-released and garnered some radio play and eventually a Grammy.

By 2005 Mayer was collaborating with the likes of B.B. King, Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy. This all happened like a whirlwind and Mayer was feeling it; even stating that it was happening so fast he had to catch up. And catch up he did. With the release of 5 more albums and numerous collaborations, nominations and awards Mayer is arguably one of the best guitarists around. Add in is knack for writing and signing and he is the full package.

It hasn't all been smooth sailing, as he had to have nodes removed from near his vocal chords in 2011. He went on full vocal rest and did a little traveling. He came back better than before and continues to make amazing music. Just  check out the duet with Katy Perry below.

Watch 'Love Who You Love' ft. Katy Perry