If you're like me you may have spent a little too much this summer. After all, it's easy to do. There are vacations, extra activities for the kiddos, summer camps, and road trips and that's just the beginning. Then back to school happens with all the clothes and supplies. Some relief would really be nice.

It's also good to have options. I know many may be stuck in a dead-end job with no advancement in sight. Maybe the pay is low. Then, there are the people you work with. You've got to always be on the lookout for that better opportunity.

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The City of Abilene provides many of these opportunities. In fact, the Abilene Police Department is now accepting applications for a Police Records Clerk. Some of the essential duties that are to be performed include:

  • Processing reports
  • Interpret narratives
  • Processing open records requests
  • Handle large sums of money
  • Release vehicles from custody
  • Work with office equipment
  • Catalog information

The City of Abilene and the Abilene Police Department both are very worthwhile entities. Why not take a chance and give your career a boost or turn it in the right direction? Who knows, you could become a part of something much great than what you currently have. Plus, the extra money and benefits are definitely a good thing. I know that's happened to me before, I had to make that leap to something I knew was going to be better.

Photo: Abilene Police Department/Facebook
Photo: Abilene Police Department/Facebook

Applications for this position are now being accepted online at the City of Abilene website.

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