Justin Bieber caused a blackout! The singer hit the Apollo Theater in New York City on Monday (June 18), and the end of the gig, which was being taped for his NBC special set to air on Thursday (June 21), was pre-empted by a power outage. 

The singer was smack dab in the middle of a private concert, performing before a packed house when the power being supplied to the instruments and some of the stage lighting cut out.

His manager Scooter Braun told Yahoo! that the fire alarm went off, too. “Literally, the boy blew up the Apollo — he heated up the Apollo,” Braun said. Despite the outage, The Biebs finished his show, with fans singing along. He can always count on the Beliebers for unconditional support.

It was a rare and memorable moment, that’s for sure. Nina Flowers, a rep for the legendary venue, said, “What it turned into was an Apollo moment, like one of those impromptu things.”

The outage was expected to last a mere few minutes, but it turned into almost an hour. The Biebs tried to diffuse the situation in the early moments, joking that it was the influx of hot girls inside the theater who caused the power to blow.

Then, he played drums — which still had power — and lead the crowd in a birthday serenade for Braun.

Understandably, the singer began to get irritated and had his feathers ruffled, since the delay spanned 40 minutes. That’s when he decided to just continue performing. What a pro! Instead of throwing in the towel, he improvised.

Braun said, “He walks out, he literally quiets the crowd, and he says, ‘I’m sorry the power is out but you guys have always had my back. I’m going to sing ‘Boyfriend’ and you’re going to sing it back to me.’”

When The Biebs makes a request, his fans oblige. No. Questions. Asked.

The cause of the power failure was not disclosed.

Watch Justin Bieber Sing ‘Boyfriend’ With the Apollo Crowd

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