Not only was today (June 19) the release of Justin Bieber‘s latest effort, ‘Believe,’ but it was declared Justin Bieber / J&R Appreciation Day in New York City. And PopCrush was there to capture it all.

Hundreds of fans gathered around the streets bordering J&R Music in City Hall area of Manhattan to catch a glimpse of the Biebs, and for some who were patient enough, to get his “John Hancock.”

Bieber arrived fashionably late — wearing a black vest with embellished gold pockets and stenciled markings on his forearms (“Beliebers” on one and “I U” on the other). He hit the stage with a Stevie Wonder vinyl he pulled from the store’s bin before shaking hands with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.

Stringer spoke to Bieber and the crowd before handing Bieber the plaque. “I want to present to you Justin, on behalf of the 1.6 million people who live in Manhattan, a very special proclamation and to recognize J&R electronics as a mainstay of this community. On behalf of the people in Manhattan and power vested in me as the Borough president, I hereby declare Justin Bieber / J&R appreciation day in the Borough of Manhattan.”

Bieber was cordial when signing autographs, until the media blitz and flashes got the best of him, causing him to politely step away for 10 or so minutes. His bodyguard Kenny Hamilton addressed his Beliebers, stating that Justin would return as soon as the photographers left, as he wanted the event to be “about the fans.” Once the press got the boot, Beiber was able to return and meet the rest of his diehard fans.

She Don’t Like the Lights‘? Sounds like Bieber could do without them, too. We don’t blame him.

Watch Justin Bieber Receive Honor at J&R Records

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