Justin Bieber did say he would include a song about Mariah Yeater on ‘Believe,’ and here it is — in the form of ‘Maria.’

If you add the letter “h” to the end of ‘Maria,’ you get ‘Mariah.’ Anyone well-versed in Justin Bieber trivia knows that she is the woman who accused The Biebs of fathering her son Tristan last year, which he promptly denied in the media and even took a DNA test. The paternity drama died on the vine and it was quickly revealed that Yeater was full of you-know-what.

But back to the song — it is The Biebs’ answer to ‘Billie Jean,’ in terms of sound and lyrical content.

The song, which opens with news sound bytes from the story as it was developing and unfolding in the media, addresses the drama directly. Remember, Yeater cooked up a story about the superstar impregnating her in the bathroom of L.A.’s Staples Center after one of his gigs. It was a harrowing few weeks for The Biebs and he is expressing what he went through in a song, making it all the more personal.

While some may think it would have been wiser for the singer to let sleeping dogs lie, he woke them up in a song. And guess what? It was a brilliant move, because the tune is one of his best, deepest and most emotionally resonant. You can dance to it, too.

With handclaps behind it, the declaration, “She ain’t my baby / She ain’t my girl” is so reminiscent of ‘Billie Jean.’ We half expect The Biebs to release a video featuring the sidewalk lighting up as he walks on it, Michael Jackson-style.

Life certainly imitated art in this case…

…But the kid is not my son.

Listen to Justin Bieber ‘Maria’

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