Video of Justin Bieber getting a bit testy with Beliebers while waiting for girlfriend Selena Gomez at the Toronto airport a few days ago has surfaced. But let us preface by saying that the dialogue the Biebs is having with a pack of fans appears to be taken a bit out of context, as there is footage of him taking photos with and hugging fans at that very airport during the same exchange. There is something we’re not seeing.

In the clip, Bieber is sitting on a rail, waiting for Sel to arrive. A Belieber is filming and he asks, “Do I not have any right as a human being to wait for my girlfriend? Why do you have to be so impatient? I am a human being.” It’s not clear who he is addressing or why, but a female voice then cops to having “waited all day” and then apologizes to the Biebs for the fact that he has to wait for his woman. His security asks the person filming to stop, but she continues.

The video then captures The Biebs saying, “You’re not being very respectful at all. I feel very disrespected. If you say you are my fans, why are you doing this? I had a long day too. You guys are in my face.” Therein lies the mystery — what were they doing to make him feel disrespected? What is the “this” he is referring to? Something seems most definitely up.

While this vid might seem like a “Gasp!” and a true “OMG!” moment and make Da Biebs appear hypocritical — especially since he just shared the fact that he wrote the title track to ‘Believe’ for his fans — it appears that something must have been going on to elicit this reaction from him.

Perhaps Bieber had engaged the fans with autographs, pics and hugs and they were relentless or saying things about Gomez? Who knows. There had to be a reason he felt disrespected. It could also be the fact that he was having a bad day, too. He’s human, as he says multiple times, and he desires some privacy, but an airport doesn’t seem like a very logical place to get it.

Watch the clip below and tell us what you think of this testy exchange.

Watch Justin Bieber Get Testy With Beliebers

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