Kesha has always been a bit nuts, and that's what we all love about her. She's embracing the eccentric with her third single from 'Warrior,' 'Crazy Kids.' Unlike the original, which features K-Dollar Sign all by her lonesome sing-rapping, the single is a remix featuring tossing in a verse.

The song features whistles, singing and spitting, and it's a fan favorite of the Cannibal Queen's beloved Animals. It's a rollicking anthem full of eerie whispers of "We are the crazy people."

It's unclear why the Black Eyed Pea is on the track, as it seems superfluous to everything else going on, but his contribution is brief and somewhat baffling: He raps about talking while kissing, then goes off into an inaudible, unintelligible and deliberate mumble.

The single is slated to hit radio April 29, but you can snag a sneak listen here.

Listen to Kesha, 'Crazy Kids (Remix)' Feat.

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