This weekend the Kings of Leon performed in Dallas, or should I say "half" performed.  The show was canceled halfway through when lead singer Caleb Followill complained of vocal problems and dehydration.  Now the whole tour of the U.S. has been canceled.During the Dallas show, Caleb announced to the crowd that it was too hot to perform, he would go back stage, vomit, have a beer and comeback to complete the show.  That never happened, he never came back on stage, leaving his band mates to have to apologize to the crowd.

They had promised to reschedule the Dallas show for September but that has since been nixed as well.  There will be NO rescheduled shows.

They will refund tickets for those shows that have had to be canceled.

There seems to be something deeper to all of this than just exhaustion and vocal problems, however.

Caleb's brother, Jared suggested in his tweet after the show and the following day that there are "sicknesses and problems other than not drinking enough Gatorade" that need to be addressed.  Stating that he knows the fans aren't stupid and realize there is more to the story.

That's all that is being said at this time though.

Those ticket refunds are being done automatically if you bought them by phone or online via Live Nation otherwise they will be refunded at point of purchase.

The band plans on returning to the road on September 28th in Vancouver.