I have been hearing 'Come With Me Now' from the KONGOS being played everywhere lately but I have to admit, I know nothing about them. So I decided to find out about them and share that information with you as well. I chose them as my Spotlight Artist of the Week.The first thing I thought of when I heard this band is 'how awesome is it that they have an accordion'! Then I wondered how do you pronounce the name? KONGOS, like Congo? No, it's more like 'Congus' one syllable. It's actually the last name of the 4 brothers who make up the band; Johnny, Jesse, Daniel and Dylan. While they are Greek in heritage they grew up in London and South Africa, which is probably where they picked up the 'tribal' feel you get from their music. However, they live in Phoenix, Arizona these days.

Their first album Lunatic was released in 2013 to the U.S. as an independent album. However, the first single 'I'm Only Joking' and second single 'Come With Me Now' brought a lot of attention to the group. 'Come With Me Now' has been used in both TV and movie promotions and with that grabbed the attention of Epic Records. The group signed a recording contract with the label earlier this year, and the album was re-released with the promotional backing that is afforded you when you sign a major deal.

Don't ask them to interpret their music though; they want to know what you find in the song because a song can mean different things to different people. The drum beats are influenced by the Burundi region of Africa. The music is a mix of folk, 70's rock and tribal. It's unique, fun and taking audiences by surprise.

Come With Me Now

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