When it comes to pop music, having a great bop is key. But sometimes even just a killer, unique visual can push an artist into super-stardom. From music videos to photo-shoots to tour sets, these visuals are a critical component of any act’s full package creative experience. In “Cover Story,” we celebrate the interesting/beautiful/weird cover artwork for studio albums, singles, EPs and more from our favorite and most prolific pop stars.

Since making her debut in 2008, Lady Gaga has become as widely renowned for her visuals as for her music.

Between her early days as a disco-stick wielding underground dance diva to her modern transformation into a haute couture art-pop star, throughout her career Lady Gaga has delivered album art as wild and as free as her hair—whether she's emerging from a pool while wearing a mirrored mask on the single cover for "Poker Face," or screaming like a bat out of hell as an anthropomorphic motorcycle on the artwork for Born This Way.

From her star-making debut on the still-infectious "Just Dance" to 2016's "Perfect Illusion," the lead single off her fifth studio album, scroll through the gallery above to look back at all of Lady Gaga’s album and single covers so far.

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