Okay, so spring break is a couple of weeks away and summer is just a few months out. So where are you going to take the family? Big Bend National Park (or even State Park) have a lot to offer. If you like to camp, raft, hike, bike, star gaze or just enjoy getting away from the city Big Bend National Park is the place for you. I've never been but I'm going soon with my boyfriend, who has been, and he's talking it up and showing me stuff on the web about it. I'm getting excited, well except for that no shower/bathroom thing. He insists that sleeping under the stars is the way to go, I insist on taking the tent (I will get my way)!! Anyway, the pictures I've seen are beautiful. There are 3 ecosystem in the area. The higher elevation has greenery and pines, then you go lower and you're in the desert, go even further down and you are on the river! I'll be sure to take my own pics for you to admire but for now here are a couple of the beautiful scenery you can enjoy.