Lifehouse is set to release their latest album 'Out of the Wasteland' on May 26th. The album features singles 'Hurricane', 'Wish' and 'Flight'. Plus, their U.S. summer tour begins in June.

Lifehouse began their climb to fame in 1999 but it wasn't until about 2001 that they found mainstream success with their hit 'Hanging by a Moment'. Their new album 'Out of the Wasteland' is the bands 8th album; the first was released under their prior name Blyss.

In 2013 the band decided to take a break with the agreement to come back and record again together. They each went on to do some solo projects or tour with other groups. In May of last year they headed back to the studio and began recording what will soon be released as 'Out of the Wasteland'. So get ready the album is due for release next Tuesday, May 26th.

The band will also begin touring the U.S. this summer; beginning June 19th in Washington state. Unfortunately there are no Texas dates booked as of this time. Keep your fingers cross they extend their tour into the fall and hopefully include Texas dates. So, until you can see them live, enjoy their new album.