Country superstar Brad Paisley and duet partner LL Cool J have received a lot of attention since the Tuesday (4/9) release of Paisley's new CD, 'Wheelhouse'. It features the pair teaming together for the controversial song, 'Accidental Racist'.

The song subject centers around a conversation between a white man who enters a restaurant wearing a Lynyrd Skynyrd T-shirt, complete with the Confederate flag, and a black man who waits on him. While 'Accidental Racist' shows up on Paisley's new CD, this was truly a collaborative songwriting effort. Each artist wrote his own part. "Real and honest" was the desired effect.

Paisley has already come out to defend his song and the intentions behind it to Parade, and now LL Cool J is backing up Brad's words. He tells USA Today that there was no way of avoiding the controversy:

"I knew that it would stir the pot up a little bit, but I thought it was truthful and authentic and real. I hope they hear his side, and they hear my side. Ultimately, all I want people to do is think for themselves. Listen to it, and let your thoughts take you where they take you. It's really about art and about getting people to talk and feel each other. It made me think differently about a white man from the South. That's an elephant in the room, something I never even thought about."

LL and Brad have been clear what their intentions were, and it looks like they got their wish. The song has created a buzz, not only in the country and hip hop worlds, but also in the mainstream media. The discussion about racism has been sparked. Now, let's see if the discussion goes anywhere positive, or just fizzles out with all the distractions surrounding it.