OK, I don't mean to laugh at anyone's misfortune, but you gotta admit it's funny. Even Martha has a sense of humor about it. And owning a bulldog myself, I can tell you that they will injure you, always unintentionally. There's a reason they call them bulldogs!

Martha Stewart was sent to the emergency room on Tuesday night after one of her beloved dogs left the domestic diva with a cut on her face.


On Thursday, Stewart revealed how the incident happened, blogging that the culprit was little Francesca, a French bulldog whom she leaned down to “whisper goodbye” to, an act which unfortunately caught the canine off guard.

“I must have startled her, because she bolted upright with such force that she hit me in the face like a boxing glove hitting an opponent’s face,” Stewart wrote on her personal blog.

“I was entirely startled and my neck snapped back,” Stewart continued. “I felt a bit of whiplash as blood gushed forth from my split lip.”

Stewart noted that her four-legged pal “was as upset” as she was, and after the incident went and “cowered in her bed.”The bump, however, had actually resulted in what Stewart called “a pretty serious gash.”

Quick-thinking Stewart drafted her daughter, Alexis, to get a plastic surgeon down to the emerency room, and she rode down to Northern Westchester Hospital among “the falling snow.”

While waiting for treatment at the hands of Dr. William Nolan, Stewart had a couple of photos taken by her stable manager, Betsy Perreten, showing the extent of her accidental altercation with Francesca. In one photo, Stewart’s lip has a large gash on one side.

The TV host and businesswoman also posted a photo of her lip being stitched up, and several more documenting the entire ordeal.

Ever the polite persona, Stewart was sure to thank the staff for their handiwork.

“Thanks to the hospital staff for their prompt and professional attention and of course, Thank you, Dr. Nolan!” she wrote.  (via msn.com and themarthablog.com)