All songs are truly about love, whether you’re Brian Wilson feeling those good vibrations for the first time or Eminem and Rihanna setting the whole house ablaze.

When New York-based singer, dancer and former Nickelodeon star Max Schneider—who performs as MΛX and netted a collab with Lil Uzi Vert way before it was cool—partnered with Dim Mak Records’ Rain Man, the chart-topping co-founder of Krewella, his take on the love song was personal. Schneider publically tied the knot with designer Emily Cannon a year ago and discovered he was suddenly interested in exploring the anxieties that hide inside a relationship instead of the angst outside of it.

"A relationship can become lackluster after some time without the proper care,” he told Billboard at the time.

“Do You Still Feel?” doesn’t quite bang like a Daft Punk anthem about getting it on, nor does it carry the sleaze of a Weeknd PBR&B slow-riding banger, gaze affixed in the rearview. Instead, it’s moody: Rain Man’s drum-and-bass twitches like your heart in the middle of one of those silent conversations, and he waits a solid minute before even letting the drop go.

In the music video, Max smartly uses that time to self-consciously brood; each second of its airy production is given to delicately performed agony. This is the man who begun as a teen pop idol, signed at the age of 14 and playing a guy named Zander on a show called How to Rock before the age of 20. What does it mean to get married, to stay married, after being the “cool guy” for so long?

In partnering with an EDM impresario like Rain Man for a single on Steve Aoki’s label, Schneider turns “Do You Still Feel?” into an audio and visual statement about growing up. Instead of being in a club, chasing the low-lights, we find the pair in an empty house, the kind of place you walk around before moving in. The song transforms into an anthem about actually getting older, about finding maturity inside a genre that’s ostensibly all about partying.

Yeah I know we’re getting older,” he belts, promising, “I won't let our hearts get colder.”

Watch below:

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