A Houston family of 5 were returning from a vacation in Colorado when their minivan was struck by another vehicle. Both parents were killed, leaving the 3 children not only severely injured but also orphans. They are currently in the care of an aunt and uncle. People from coast to coast are hearing of this story and donating money to help the kids.This is a sad story but uplifting at the same time. People across the nation, who don't know this family at all, have made donations to help them. Shows there are still good hearts in this world.

The parents were both killed, the 3 children badly injured. The youngest, a girl, suffered several

broken bones. However, her two older brothers suffered injuries that have left them both paralyzed. Willa, the daughter is 6, the boys Peter and Aaron are 9 and 8 (respectively).

Willa went home fairly soon, but the boys remained hospitalized. Aaron, was having stomach problems and remained hospitalized in Houston until those problems were solved. Both boys will fly to Chicago to the Shriner's Children's Hospital for therapy and rehabilitation.

They will learn to function and deal with their paralysis but doctors are skeptical that they will ever walk again.


The accident was July 2, in the time since people from across the country have stepped up to help. Even some t.v. stars have sent messages via their twitter or facebook pages and professional athletes have made their way to the hospital to visit with the children. There have been benefit concerts, bake sales, lemonade stands, auctions, sporting events and more to help raise money. Those events have so far raised about $200,000.

If this pulls at your heart strings like it did mine you can make a donation to the trust account set up via the Berry Children Facebook page.