In this list of new songs on the radio for June 2012, PopCrush gives a rundown of fresh musical releases getting churned out throughout the first month of summer. There’s a whole new crop of albums that are hitting retailers in June 2012, including Justin Bieber‘s ‘Believe’ LP, which means a whole lot of new songs on the radio!

While his single ‘Boyfriend’ is still making its way up the Hot 100 and Pop Songs charts, Justin Bieber is getting his fans pumped for his other batch of highly-anticipated ‘Believe’ tracks. He has already let fans get a sneak peek at his song ‘Die in Your Arms,’ and on June 4, he dropped his Ludacris-featured track ‘All Around the World.’

Meanwhile, Chris Brown is also prepping Team Breezy for his ‘Fortune’ album, set to impact in July 2012. He’s been releasing songs left and right, but surprisingly, the tracks he’s dropped thus far aren’t going on the ‘Fortune’ track list. Maybe he’s giving fans something to tide them over until July 3?

The same goes for Ciara, who released her first single off of her forthcoming album ‘One Woman Army.’ She’s promoting ‘Sweat,’ featuring rapper 2 Chainz, as her lead single, and the ’1, 2 Step’ princess is hoping to make a full-force comeback with her new song on the radio for June 2012.

Finally, although Lil Wayne doesn’t have a new album on the horizon as of yet, he’s still hard at work in the studio apparently. Along with his crony Big Sean, Weey released ‘My Homies Still’ to the great pleasure of rap fans worldwide.

Check out all of the new songs on the radio for June 2012, including some other tracks from artists like Nelly Furtado, and let us know which song you like best in the comments below.

New Songs on the Radio – June 2012

A$AP Rocky, ‘Ridin” Feat. Lana Del Rey

Akon, ‘America’s Got Wanted’

Alicia Keys, ‘New Day’

Big Sean, ‘Hundred Dollar Bill Skyscraper’ Feat. Mac Miller

Carly Rae Jepsen + Owl City, ‘Good Time’

Casey Abrams, ‘Get Out’

Chris Brown, ‘Calypso’

Chris Brown, ‘Don’t Judge Me’

Chris Brown, ‘Get Down’ Feat. B.o.B

Chris Brown, ‘I Love Team Breezy’

Chris Brown, ‘Off That Liquor’

Chris Brown, ‘Oh Yeah’ Feat. 2 Chainz + Snoop Dogg

Chris Brown, ‘What Your Girl Like’ Feat. Lil Wayne

Ciara, ‘Sweat’ Feat. 2 Chainz

Cris Cab, ‘Good Girls (Don’t Grow on Trees)’ Feat. Big Sean

DATABOY, ‘Dreams Are Gold’

DJ Earworm, ‘Fly’ Feat. Jessie J, Usher + More

Flo Rida, ‘Let It Roll’

Flo Rida, ‘Let It Roll (Part 2)’ Feat. Lil Wayne

Flo Rida, ‘Run’ Feat. Redfoo

Flo Rida, ‘Sweet Spot’ Feat. Jennifer Lopez

Jason Derulo, ‘F— Somebody’

Justin Bieber, ‘As Long as You Love Me’ Feat. Big Sean

Justin Bieber, ‘All Around the World’ Feat. Ludacris

Justin Bieber, ‘Beauty and a Beat’ Feat. Nicki Minaj

Justin Bieber, ‘Fall’

Justin Bieber, ‘Love Me Like You Do’

Justin Bieber, ‘Maria’

Justin Bieber, ‘Take You’

Justin Bieber, ‘Thought of You’

Lady Gaga, ‘Glitter & Grease’

Lady Gaga, ‘Princess Die’

Lil Wayne, ‘My Homies Still’ Feat. Big Sean

Lupe Fiasco, ‘Bad B—–’

M.I.A., ‘Bad Girls’ (N.A.R.S. Remix) Feat. Missy Elliott + Azealia Banks

Mac Miller + Pharrell, ‘Onaroll’

Maroon 5, ‘Kiss’ (Prince Cover)

Maroon 5, ‘One More Night’

Nelly Furtado, ‘Something’ Feat. Nas

Shakira, ‘Get It Started’ Feat. Pitbull

The-Dream, ‘Dope B—-’ Feat. Pusha T

The Ready Set, ‘Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)’

Timbaland, ‘Hands in the Air’ Feat. Ne-Yo

Waka Flocka Flame, ‘Get Low’ Feat. Nicki Minaj, Tyga + Flo Rida

Wiz Khalifa, ‘It’s Nothin” Feat. 2 Chainz

Wiz Khalifa, ‘Telescope’ Feat. 50 Cent