The calendar says it's 2011.  And I'm glad to see a new year leaving the old one behind.


I lost my Dad to cancer in October.  My Mom has middle-stage dementia compounded by her loss of him.  There is much to want to leave back there in 2010.

And yet as I get into this new year, I find a lot to be thankful for.  Through loss comes learning.  I have learned to be so much more thankful for little things.  The blessing of a few precious hours of free time,  the comfort of a delicious meal, the escape of a good night's sleep all mean more.

But beyond that I've learned to be thankful for the biggest things.  Those things....are people.  Friends, family, peers, coworkers have all become more what they should be: priorities.  People are the priorities in life.  I don't take any of those people in my life for granted.

If I have any resolution for this new year, it will be to tell those wonderful people how much they mean.  So it really is Thanksgiving to me, more than Happy New Year.  I hope your year is blessed, and that you can pause if just for a few moments, to give thanks for the people you love...and those who love you.

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