ZZ Top is working on a new album that will be available very soon. They've got a new song out there, and I mean REALLY out there. In fact, you would need to be in outer space to hear it.

The new ZZ Top tune 'Flyin' High' is in the hands of astronaut Michael Fossum who is currently aboard a Russian spacecraft on its way to the International Space Station.

Fossum is a fan and good friend of the band, so based on the title of the song - and his trip outside earth atmosphere- Billy Gibbons and company agreed to give him the privilege of debuting the track in space.

There is no word on when terrestrial access to 'Flyin' High' will begin. Keep in mind this is the first studio recording from ZZ Top since 2005. Billy Gibbons promises that an entire new album will be out 'by the end of the year'. But as of right now, you would have to be in pretty exclusive company to hear new music from ZZ Top. (via ultimate-guitar.com)

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