Nico & Vinz  are a pop/R&B/hip-hop duo from Oslo, Norway. They began their career known as Envy in 2014 when they went international with their music and the name Envy conflicted with other international bands of the same name.

The Afro-Norwegian duo is Nico Sereba and Vincent (Vinz) Dery who formed their group Envy in 2009 and performed in Festivals in and around Norway. They released their first Mixtape in 2011 and released 'One Song' which climbed into the top 20 on the charts in their native country.

Their first full length studio album was released the following year which featured 'One Song' as well as one other single. The guys then signed a recording contract with Warner Bros. here in the states and changed their name to Nico & Vinz.

'Am I Wrong' was released and became an international success giving them their first number 1 hit on the Top 40 Chart in the U.S. It was followed by 'In Your Arms'.

Their latest album 'Black Star Elephant' was released in September of last year and features the song 'When the Day Comes'.

Their video for 'Am I Wrong' as received so much attention that they even performed at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Norway in 2013. The video was filmed in Botswana and features the African continent in a more positive light. That as also let to a feature spot on David Guetta's album 'Listen' where they recorded the song 'Lift Me Up' with the South African acapella group Ladysmith Black Mambazo; the group has been in existence since the 1960's singing uplifting/joyous music around the world.

The guys say their goal is to inspire people to find happiness. They are sure to do that with their music as they tour the U.S. and world.

Watch Nico & Vinz video for their hit 'Am I Wrong'