Last week eBay seller Jack Mord offered up this photo of a man who lived in Bristol, Tennessee around the time of the Civil War as evidence that actor Nicolas Cage is a vampire “who quickens/reinvents himself once every 75 years or so.”

Mord started the bidding on the uncanny likeness at a million dollars, but the listing has been removed, suggesting Mord wasn’t getting the action on the photo that he expected, or Cage used his dark powers to make the photo disappear.

Nevertheless, Mord’s find prompted the New York Public Library to flip through their database of 700,000 images to see if they could uncover evidence of other immortal celebrities. Their nineteenth century versions of Brad Pitt and Gerard Butler might not be as convincing as the Cage photo, but may still make you wonder. Check them out below:

Vampire Brad Pitt

Vampire Gerard Butler

Vampire Matt Damon