Nike has always had the pulse of the athlete. In the mid 80′s they had basketball king Michael Jordan indorse his own line of shoes, Air Jordans, that sold for about $65. Now LeBron James has his name on the latest line of Nike shoes; LeBron X Nike Plus and the price tag is only $315.

This shoe debuted during the Olympic games but will hit shelves for public purchase this fall. So what makes these shoes so special? They have built in motion sensors that can measure how high you jump.

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t go around “jumping” that much. I have spent over $100 for a pair of shoes and yes, they were Nike’s. I bought a pair of Shox after researching them and finding they were the best shoe for those with plantar factitious which I have. I have to say they are a great shoe and my feet do feel good when wearing them.

I also have a 13 year old that has to have a new pair of Nike’s about every 6 months. I’m hoping he doesn’t see these new ones but if he does the answer is NO! I would not spend $300 on a pair of sneakers unless I lost 10 lbs for every hundred dollars I spent on them and they did the vacuuming for me.

So would you buy a pair of these shoes? What is the most you will spend on a pair of shoes?