One Direction offered an inside look at their 'You and I' video shoot with 'Good Morning Britain,' sharing details about the shoot and concept, the song itself and their fans. At the end of the day, it always comes back to the Directioners.

Louis Tomlinson called the timing of the shoot "the coldest day in history," while Liam Payne explained how they morphed into one another and how it was tough for the cameramen, despite it being easy for the band, since all they had to do was walk on the pier while filming and shooting.

The boys each offer their take on the insanely romantic song, with Harry Styles saying that if you believe in something, you should not give up. Simple words, but they ring so true.

Niall Horan also had the biggest compliment of all for dedicated Directioners.

"There are always thousands outside. They shut down streets. They are very good at that," he noted, while Hazza called the fans "outrageous and amazing."

See, Directoners, your efforts do not go unnoticed by the band. They know that you cause a bit of a headache for local law enforcement and for those who keep the peace in the streets. But they love you for your passion and your penchant for showing up to support them wherever they are and for whatever it is that they are doing.

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