A restaurant in Monroeville, Pennsylvania has instituted a policy banning all children under the age of six. We're talking an outright ban on kids dining at the restaurant at any meal, any time.

The owner of McDain's Restaurant And Golf Center Mike Vuick says,  'If parents want to come in they should hire a babysitter.'   He says there's no volume control on children and their presence is disruptive to dining.

Think that sounds a little harsh?  I'm betting a lot of potential patrons think  so too.  Granted, kids should be well behaved in public, and that responsibility falls on parents.  If children are disruptive, they should probably be taken outside until settled down, but an outright ban in a restaurant seems extreme.  Check out the video of the news story here from WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh on YouTube or watch it on the source for this story straight ahead. ( via WTAE.com)


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