American Girl dolls: they're the stuff nightmares are made of, with their unblinking soulless eyes, buck teeth and collectibility among grown women. However, this did not stop Victoria and David Beckham from buying one for their son, Romeo.

On the one hand, we applaud them for allowing their son to play with the toys he wants, regardless of what kind of toys they are (My Buddy made that one possible once), but we wish it was one that didn't look like it was going to come alive at night and strangle him.

Regardless, rock on little Romeo! And keep on breaking down those gender walls one doll at a time.

If sassy Spider-man has taught the world anything, it's that kids toys should be gender neutral. Just ask the teen petitioning for an all encompassing Easy Bake Oven for her little brother that doesn't involve cooking plastic insects.

In just six hours little Timmy or Tonya can have an undercooked chocolate sponge cake. Thanks, progressive Hasbro.

Devone Byrd, Pacific Coast News
Devone Byrd, Pacific Coast News