Producer and writer Ryan Murphy and his team have been driving American Horror Story batty with a series of mysterious, intentionally-misleading trailers, and they dropped a more recent one that reaffirms the idea that all AHS seasons are connected. Murphy talked more about this interconnectedness in a new interview with THR, and spilled on what's next for Scream Queens and American Crime Story.

On keeping mum on AHS Season 6's theme, Murphy says it was a joint decision to shake up the reveal.

"John Landgraf [of FX] and Dana Walden [of Fox TV Group] and I were talking, and the show is in its sixth season, and we've always done everything by the book," Murphy explained. "Come January or February I announce what the theme is, and then we announce the cast. We wanted to [create a] different experience for the fans this year. But that doesn't mean we'll do that for season seven or even season eight."

And when it comes to the connections between seasons (such as Freak Show's Pepper also appearing as a patient on Asylum), Murphy said there's much more to come.

"You'll see it this season, and then you'll really see it after this season," Murphy said of the interrelated storylines. "We lay a lot of pipe, and you'll see it explode in seasons seven and eight." And best believe team AHS has their reveals all planned out: When asked if there's a "road map," Murphy answers, "Oh yeah, absolutely. And the seasons are connected, for sure.'

Of Scream Queens, Murphy says they hope to "broaden" the audience, which he says had a very young audience in Season 1.

'It was huge on Hulu and the DVR, so [Fox TV's Dana Walden] and I felt like, 'OK, we have our base — now what do you do to broaden it?' Of the new season's switch from the sorority house to the hospital, Murphy said, "I just loved the idea of a horror show set in a hospital for a season. You get to have these great medical-mystery cases, so it'll be: OK, what's wrong with this person, and how can we cure them?"

Read Murphy's full interview, in which he also discusses producing on Broadway and why the Hurricane Katrina-focused Season 2 of American Crime Story isn't as bleak as it sounds, over at the Hollywood Reporter. For a full list of American Horror Story connections across seasons — and theories on further connections, such as the Dante's Inferno theory — watch the video above.

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