I mentioned a week or so ago that Shania will debut her reality show on OWN network this Sunday May 8th. She also has a new book out, it was release nationwide this past Monday.The book is titled after one of her hit songs, From This Moment On. The book discusses Shania's painful divorce from Robert "Mutt" Lange, who left her for her best friend. Shania lost her desire to write, sing


and to even move on with her life for quite some time. Things are looking up for her though. She recently got married to the ex-husband of that best friend her former husband cheated with....did you get all that? Anyway, she is working on a new album and just released the book, in stores now, and the new show will be launched Sunday. Looks like she is back and in a much happier place. I look forward to hearing the new music. For more information on Shania check out her jam packed website.

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