This is a hard topic to write on, not because there haven't been any memorable moments. In fact, it's just the opposite, there have been so many. It's hard to narrow down just a few but I will try. Here are some of the best moments I can remember.

  • Shay Hill

    Meeting Kenny Chesney

    Yes, I love me some Kenny Chesney. Not only is he cute but he loves the ocean probably more than I do. The majority of his music revolves around beach fun, it's relaxing and carefree and takes you to a place outside of your own reality. I had the chance to meet Kenny a few years ago and he was super nice. He didn't disappoint when I met him and he didn't disappoint with his concert.

  • Facebook

    Chubby Checker

    Who would have ever thought I would have the chance to meet a legend like Chubby Checker! He just happened to drop by the station one morning; he was simply passing through on I-20 listening, called Rudy for directions and stopped by. I wasn't at the station yet, but like everyone else was listening in and then I put the peddle to the metal and got here as quick as possible. Just in time, as he was about to leave when I blew through the door. He took his picture with me and I got his autograph. Sadly I have no idea where the photo of the two of us is, hopefully I find it one day. Super cool, humble gentleman. Oh, and I did the 'twist' with him too!!

  • Shay Hill

    Hot Air Balloon Ride

    Working in radio gave me the chance to take my first hot air balloon ride during Balloon Fest. I did some call in's to the radio station as I floated above Abilene. Flying over, McMurry, Hendrick Hospital, HSU, over I-20 and eventually landing in field. It was exhilarating. I was just praying I didn't get air sick, as I sometimes do flying in an airplane. It's a whole different experience though. If you ever have the chance to do it, go!

  • Shay Hill

    St. Jude Hopital

    I wasn't sure this was going to be something I really wanted to do but turns out it is the most incredible place I've ever been. I was lucky enough to get to go for 11 years. This is a wonderful children's hospital. I had always seen their commercials on TV and wondered 'does one's money really go to help these kids'? I no longer have that question; it does. Great people, doing a great thing helping find cures for cancer and more. Being able to not only tour the hospital and visit with the kids and families but also the doctors who are actually working towards finding cures. These are my real heroes!

  • Shay Hill

    Going on a Cruise

    If the radio station hadn't sponsored a cruise, I probably would never have gone on one. I loved that first cruise best of all, everything was new to me. My mom and my best friend went too. We zip lined, para sailed, shopped, swam with dolphins, stingrays and turtles. It was so much fun and go me hooked on Caribbean vacations. I just love the blue water and white sand beaches of the Caribbean.

  • Shay Hill

    Billy Bob Thornton

    I met Billy Bob Thornton when he was here in Abilene performing with his band the Boxmasters. I loved the music but to think he was actually married to Angelina Jolie at one point and likes biscuits with mustard...mmmm. It was pretty cool to meet an actor of his caliber. I had heard he could be pretty diva like but not the night I met him. He was super sweet and signed autographs and talked to everyone. He was very down to earth. I expect to meet musicians but not actors it was really cool.

  • Shay Hill

    George Strait at Cowboy (AT&T) Stadium

    I've been in radio for almost 20 years now and I had never seen George Strait live. The year I started working in radio was the last year he performed at the Expo Center in Abilene and I had to work. I figured there was plenty of time to see him but in never came until 2009. He was performing at the new Cowboy or now AT&T Stadium. Me along with about 70,000 other fans were there and it was the biggest concert I've ever been to. I was in the nosebleed seats but I was there and he was live, that's all that mattered. I finally saw King George live.