We don't yet know quite what to make of 'The Simpsons' impending LEGO turn for Sunday's latest (and 550th) episode "Brick Like Me," but FOX is making sure there won't be much assembly required. Following the LEGO poster, FOX has released a full-length trailer for 'The Simpsons' blockiest episode yet!

"Something is different about the Simpsons today," Marge cheekily acknowledges in the first full trailer for LEGO 'Simpsons' episode "Brick Like Me." Homer remains increasingly aware of the change, flashing back to his non-LEGO life, with the aid of a "Perky Patty's Princess Shop" playset that he'd worked on with Lisa in the real world. Also, pirates in a flying ship, because why not, really?

Previously, we learned that the episode would see Homer mysteriously wake up in a world where he and all of Springfield are made of LEGO, forcing him to “put together” how he got there, and how he might return. As if that weren’t enough ‘Simpsons’ goodness in our future, don’t forget the upcoming 12-day marathon to commemorate FXX’s acquisition of syndication rights, and that major death still looming.

"Brick Like Me" will air this coming Sunday, so take a look at the full LEGO 'Simpsons' trailer above, and give us your predictions for what has all of Springfield seeing blocks!