Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David has been no stranger to SNL in recent months, between the 40th Anniversary and his Bernie Sanders impression, but this Saturday will be a well-deserved homecoming for the former staff writer. Or not, as David doesn’t really want you to watch anyway, judging by the first promos.

Paired with Leslie Jones in that diner set the promos have become so fond of, David leads the third SNL promos of 2016, alternating between indifference to the 40-year comedy’s live viewing, and irritation that Jones doesn’t exchange any flirtation. Granted, David’s no Hemsworth, but he can still go five times a night! Good luck shaking that visual.

And of course, the requisite Curb Your Enthusiasm reference. Now that we’ve all reached the conclusion that Jones needs a starring role in the next Curb season, David’s SNL tenure will also be joined by The 1975. Hopefully, he gets more than one sketch to air this time.

You can check out the previews of David’s SNL debut above, watch this weekend, and stay tuned for Melissa McCarthy and Kanye West next week.

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