It's been nearly four years since MTV aired the series finale of Jersey Shore, and much has changed since the ultra-tanned cast spent their free time partying, "smashing" and applying chapstick in Seaside, New Jersey. Perhaps the biggest turnaround, however, has been that of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, the former pouf-haired, "Party's here!"-shouting tornado who remains an on-again, off-again reality TV icon while also juggling motherhood and marriage. And now, she's a burgeoning rapper!

On Wednesday (July 27), the mother of two debuted her super green-screened music video for "Yung Mommy," a hyper AutoTuned rap-pop track about the chaos and challenges of being a young mother.

"Here it is. My first music video," Polizzi announced on Instagram. "I've decided to be an ass and record a song about my life and being a mom and shoot this fun and hysterical music video to go along with it. I hope I win a Grammy for this one. YOUNG MOMMY, OUT."

"I used to be so wild I was the life of the party / Now I'm all grown up so instead they call me Mommy... / I'm a mommy with attitude / No time for a hater cause they too rude," Snooki sings uh, intones on the throbbing EDM track which, despite clearly not taking itself seriously ("Saggy nipples!!!"), touts a positive message about motherhood with certain parallels to another recently-released, mom-themed music video, "M.I.L.F. $."

Regardless, it's way better than the track her Jersey Shore arch-nemesis Angelina Pivnarnick released in 2010:

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