Oversight Scrutinized
As officials continue to investigate a hot air balloon crash that claimed 16 lives in Lockhart, Texas Saturday, emerging details about the deceased pilot's past are raising questions about the Federal Aviation Administration's oversight of balloon operators...
Shooting in Austin
In what was initially deemed an "active shooter" incident in the always-busy downtown Austin 6th Street, Austin police have clarified that there were two separate shootings in the entertainment district of the Texas capital - one at 2:17 am and the other just seven minutes later...
Texas Balloon Crash
The accident happened shortly after 7:40 AM just outside of Lockhart at 196 Jolly Road, Caldwell County - about 30 miles southeast of Austin. The Caldwell County Sheriff's Department issued a statement shortly after 11 AM saying the balloon went down in a pasture, but could not provide further details...
Texas Fires Making National News [VIDEO]
Wildfires are burning across our state and many of them have been right here near Abilene. If you live in this area then you have stepped outside and smelled the burning brush, seen the haze over Abilene and your car is probably covered in a thin layer of ash. A homeless man in Austin has been arrested for starting a fire that burned 18 homes.
American Idol In Austin
American Idol was in Austin for last night's show (2/2) and they found a lot of talent there.  Fifty contestants were sent on to Hollywood.