Abilene Christian University is Now the 10th Safest College in Texas
August is a whirlwind of activity (and maybe anxiety) for parents with college-age kids. College is when many young adults live separately from their families for the first time, sometimes in entirely different towns and states. As a result, it’s not unusual for parents and students to pick colleges based on campus safety in addition to things like housing options and tuition costs.  ...
What Colleges Have the Lowest- and Highest-Paid Graduates? — Dollars and Sense
The dream of many college graduates—to earn a good-enough starting salary to pay off student loans without being rendered homeless or forced into starvation—comes easier or harder depending on where they graduate. With that in mind, which American colleges offer the worst possible opportunity for a earning a decent entry-level salary, and which offer the best?
Cat Interrupts College Lecture By Crashing Through Ceiling
In this hilarious video, students at Costa Rica’s University of Peace are being lectured on something called “theory of change.” If it was anything like our college courses their minds are wandering and they’re getting a little drowsy. Then, suddenly, a cat crashes through the ceiling in the front of the room, sending the class into hysterics. Ceiling cat strikes again!