DIY: How to Make Hand Painted Wine Glasses
I've been crafting again, this time hand painting wine glasses. They are super cute, make great gifts and are fairly easy to do. Check out the video as I walk you through the steps of making your own hand painted glass.
DIY: Valentine’s Day Cards
Sometimes the best Valentine gift is one from the heart. It's not about how much you spend but the time you put into it. For example, I could go to the store and buy a card but has someone else's design and sentiment not mine. A hand made card can mean so much more.
DIY: Shay’s Homemade Rain Boots
I got stuck at work the other day with nice suede shoes and it pouring rain outside. This, as most women know, is not a good thing. So what's a girl to do except improvise. I made my own rain boots from what I could find in the office; plastic baggies.
DIY: How to Make Quick and Easy Halloween Treats
With Halloween just around the corner I thought you might need a few snack ideas that are quick and easy. I sifted through Pinterest and some cooking websites and found some really cute ideas using pretzels. I chose 5 to share with you that I thought were really cute.
Life Hack: Cleaning a Toilet With a Coke
I love life hacks, as you know, but sometimes I wonder if they really work or not. That's why I like to try them out and let you know what my experience was like. I saw this one on our sites last week and it seemed to good to be true. So I decided to give it a try.
DIY: How to Make a Cupcake Rose Bouquet
A couple of years ago my mom and I took cake decorating classes and I have had a blast making cakes and cupcakes for family and friends. This Mother's Day I decided to make my mom and my boyfriends mom a cupcake rose bouquet instead of buying flowers that would just die in a few days. I have to say …
DIY: Phase II of Shay’s Repainting & Repurposing Table Project
A few months back I told you about one of my projects that I was working on for my back yard. I was sanding my porch table and chairs, that turned out to be a bigger task than I had imagined. Needless to say I'm still in the process of completing said project, but I am getting closer to the fin…

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