Drug Company Recalls Contraceptives
The one thing you don’t want to hear from a drug company is that their contraceptives don’t work. Especially if you are taking them. However, that is what the Pfizer company has done and they are recalling the drugs Lo/Ovral-28 tablets and Norgestrel and Ethinyl Est…
Drug Smuggling Sub Seized In Colombia
Authorities have discovered and seized a sophisticated drug smuggling submarine in Colombia. The sub is capable of carrying up to 8 tons of contraband and is said to be able to stay underwater for several days.
Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab
Charlie Sheen is finally going into rehab for his well documented addictions to drugs and alcohol, not to mention porn stars  .  His manager issued a statement over the weekend slamming various rehab facilities for lining up to get into Charlie's pocketbook...
Charlie Sheen Hospitalized Again
Charlie Sheen is going to end up a casualty.  He was rushed to the hospital yesterday (Thurs., 1/27) suffering from severe stomach pains.
The official word from his rep is that it was complications from a hiatal hernia.  But the stories that are coming out today are painting a much differen…