The 9 Cutest Easter Baby Bunnies
Easter's right around the corner, so it's time to get into the holiday spirit. Create some awesome eggs, stuff yourself with Peeps--whatever floats your Easter boat. If none of this prep works for you though, we say take a cue from these Easter bunny babies.
14 Awesome Easter Eggs You Should Definitely Make
Easter is coming! Usually we aren't very excited about this holiday, because ham is an everyday part of life the way we roll. However, these hand-painted eggs have us excited for the holiday we haven't celebrated since 2009.
If you're tired of dunking some eggs in vinegar-scented food …
The 10 Weirdest Bunnies in Pop Culture
You may not be aware, but the Easter Bunny has been around for a long time. Easily one of the most recognizable symbols of the holiday, the loveable critter was first mentioned in an essay by German physician and botanist Georg Franck von Frankenau all the way back in 1682. Funny, we always figured …
Easter Island – Still A Mystery
Now a different Easter story. Easter Island has fascinated archaeologists for eons. It sits in southeastern Pacific Ocean and is a territory of Chile.
The island has been largely uninhabited for hundreds of years. There are a few hundred intrepid residents. What remains most striking are the gig…
Easter Celebration Is Big – Especially In Armenia!
Today is Good Friday, the beginning of the Easter weekend.
The religious significance to Christians goes without saying as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and the promise of eternal life.
As for the secular celebration, we take for granted all of the Easter candy, Easter egg hunts, egg colorin…
5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Easter
We imagine that at this point in the spring season, you've stocked up on loads of chocolate (or are anticipating a victorious post-Easter candy sale), faux grass and enough hardboiled eggs to live off of for the next six months. You've probably even posed with the Easter bunny, or at least passed on…