Aaron Watson Paints Kevin Fowler's Butt for Charity
During the Women's Night Out featuring Kevin Fowler, singer/songwriter Aaron Watson dropped by to check on Fowler. That's when Kevin asked Aaron to help with a "Butt-O-Graph" that Kevin agreed to do. A "Butt-O-Graph" is like a autograph only it's an impression of the singers back…
Wylie Project Graduation Has Unique Fundraiser
Schools are always finding new ways to raise money for events. Some sell coupon cards, candles, cookie dough or candy. Then you run across something that is unique and fun. Recently, we were 'dumped' on by Wylie Project Graduation. Read on and I'll explain!
Nation Reaches Out To Help Orphaned Texas Children
A Houston family of 5 were returning from a vacation in Colorado when their minivan was struck by another vehicle. Both parents were killed, leaving the 3 children not only severely injured but also orphans. They are currently in the care of an aunt and uncle. People from coast to coast are heari…